What are the different coastline behaviours in Ichthyop?

First you may want to read How does spatial interpolation work in Ichthyop.

Coastline behaviour manages what must be done in the event that the move of a particle takes it inland (which might happen because the simulation time step is not small enough or because there is some additional movement, such as diffusion or swimming, etc.)

Ichthyop offers four different behaviours at coastline:

  • NONE: Ichthyop ignores the fact that it is land and just carries on moving the particle around.
  • BEACHING: Ichthyop does move the particle inland but "kill" it. From now onward the particle is out of the simulation.
  • BOUNCING: the coastline acts as a billard edge and the particle will bounce as a billard ball in the events that the move would take it beyond the coastline. The particle bounces back as much as it would penetrate inland.
  • STANDSTILL: the particle gives up on the move that would take it inland and just wait until next time step for trying an other move.