How to launch Ichthyop from command line ?

First you have to open a command prompt window on your computer.

For Linux or Mac users open a new Terminal (type Terminal in the Application search bar or the Finder if you are unsure how to open a terminal).

For Windows users, click on the start button > All programs > Accessories > Command Prompt (read more)

From the command prompt windows you need to change the current directory (by default your home directory) to the Ichthyop directory. For instance

cd projects/ichthyop/ichthyop-3.2
cd Mes\ Documents/Ichthyop/ichthyop-3.2

Assuming that in the first case that your ichthyop folder is in directory projects/ichthyop/ichthyop-3.2 and in the second case in directory Mes\ Documents/Ichthyop/ichthyop-3.2.

List the folder content to check that you are in the right directory : type dir in Widows and ls in Linux or Mac environment.

Launch Ichthyop, with UI, from command line:

java -jar ichthyop-3.2.jar 

Launch Ichthyop, without UI, from command line:

java -jar ichthyop-3.2.jar cfg/your_configuration_file.xml

With your_configuration_file.xml the name of the XML configuration files that you first created from the UI and that you saved in the cfg/ folder.